How to make an essential oil Himalayan salt diffuser

All you’ll need to make your very own essential oil Himalayan salt diffuser is a small container or bowl (simple or fancy – your choice), Himalayan pink coarse salt, and your favorite essential oils or essential oil blend.

These little diffusers are much cheaper than typical diffusers, costing just pennies if you choose to use a bowl you already have on hand!

How to Make an Essential Oil Himalayan Salt Diffuser

Make sure to have at hand:

1/2 cup of Pink Himalayan Salt

Your favorite essential oil (I used lemon from Rocky Mountain Oils; I also love their Purify blend.)

Small bowl


Much like Himalayan salt lamps, these salt diffusers are made from pure, food grade, Himalayan salt crystals. When heated, sea salt attracts water vapor (and the mold, bacteria and allergens it carries) to its surface and removes it from the air. By adding a few drops of essential oils and a candle, they offer a nice warm glow, cleanse the air of impurities and diffuse relaxing essential oils at the same time.

If you don’t have any Himalayan salt on hand, don’t worry, any natural sea salt will work. In fact, I like to keep things interesting by mixing up the salts I use and dispersing different colored diffusers around the house. You can even place a few together on a table to make a pretty and relaxing centerpiece.

And just a word of warning, since the sea salt has to be warm to purify the air, it’s best to choose short votives rather than tall pillar candles. They burn a little bit quicker and bring the heat closer to the salt. But that also means you’ll need to keep a closer eye on your diffusers to make sure they don’t burn down too much and create a fire hazard.

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Himalayan Salt Candle Diffusers


1 cup pink Himalayan salt

Votive candles

Essential oils


Place the salt in a bowl. Add 10 to 20 drops of essential oil and stir to combine.

Place a candle in a glass jar or small bowl and pour the salt around the candle until it reaches about halfway up the sides.

Light the candle and let the heat warm the salts to purify the air and release the essential oils.

Here are a few ideas for places you can use your salt diffuser:

  • windowsill
  • nightstand
  • dresser
  • bathroom counter or even the back of the toilet
  • on the side of the bathtub
  • on the TV stand or entertainment center
  • end tables or the coffee table
  • computer or work desk
  • kitchen counters
  • the kitchen table
  • entryway tables – a nice way to greet your guests!
  • near a radiator

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